Services Process

We understand that the process for finding and maintaining qualified job candidates is often as critical as the candidates themselves. AAI’s proven methodology is a major reason for the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Talent Acquisition

AAI’s talent acquisition process provides the ability to source an extremely wide variety of skills in an efficient, timely manner.  Our process is a beginning-to-end series of actions that give our clients a competitive advantage by finding the best talent, while delivering the best overall value.We understand the importance of an enhanced flow of seasoned IT and engineering professionals. We also recognize that recruiting critical talent, particularly passive job seekers, requires a different approach. AAI’s unique process takes into account these recruitment strategies and requirements.

Networking in Trade Organizations

In order to meet top talent, we must become a member of their professional community.  To achieve this, we are very active and participating members and board members of the organizations listed below:

  • HIMMS – Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
  • SIM – Society for Information Management
  • WITI – Women in Technology International
  • NACCB – National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses
  • MBC – Massachusetts Biotechnology Council
  • ASA – American Staffing Association
  • SHRM – Society for Human Resource Management
  • ABPMP – Association for Business Process Management Professionals

Quality Sourcing

A key component of our structured sourcing process is the creation of job profiles. We create client-specific job profiles that will allow our Technical Recruiters to successfully match a candidate’s skills and strengths to the client’s job requirements and culture.  We examine the active consultant for fit and availability.  We utilize our referral network to source additional candidates as well as cross reference our existing pool of candidates for redeployment.

Candidate Qualification

Ensuring we have the right match is critical to providing the highest value to our clients. We work diligently to understand the abilities, experience, and clear objective of each candidate in order to determine the candidate’s applicability for the position.After sourcing a pool of qualified consultant resumes, each candidate is contacted via telephone as the first step in our screening process.  When possible, the Technical Recruiter may conduct an in-person interview with the candidate. During the interview, the Recruiter will obtain an inventory of the candidate’s comprehensive skills, collect a minimum of two business references, and determine the suitability for open requisitions.

We review wage expectations during the interview process and discuss and gain agreement with the candidate on areas of opportunity within the pay rate agreed upon.

Business references are contacted to verify and confirm the technical ability, professionalism, and reliability.  AAI routinely verifies U.S. employment eligibility, educational credentials, and work history.  Candidates are considered acceptable for submittal when references consider the candidate as re-employable, the candidate has satisfied obligations, and parted amicably with past employers. The reference checks will verify the candidates work ethic, technical skills, and if there is any negative information that would prevent a candidate from fulfilling their assignment.

AAI provides drug screening, criminal background checks, aptitude testing, and other screening when requested by a client.  We have national agreements in place with Sterling Testing Systems and Safe Hire Investigations, both leading professional background checking service providers, to conduct these investigations.

Talent Selection

AAI’s account executives will submit the most qualified candidates that will best fit your company’s technical business requirements. Our account executives will then assist you throughout the interview process, answering specific questions about the candidates to ensure that the one you select is the best fit for your organization.


Our orientation process is designed to ensure that expectations are properly set and that the candidate is fully prepared to contribute to our client’s success.  Once the candidate selection process is made, the recruiter extends and finalizes the offer and schedules the candidate for our new hire orientation. We verify evidence of employment eligibility as defined in the I-9 validation process prior to employment commencement.  All new employees are required to attend an in-depth orientation aimed at preparing the candidate for the new position, defining working relationships in order to mitigate co-employment risk, and addressing specific customer work rules and expectations.

Consultant Care

AAI maintains contact with the client’s hiring managers throughout the term of the assignment in order to administer weekly payments and benefits, and to oversee the quality of the consultant’s work. We conduct formal monthly and quarterly performance reviews of each associate on assignment. Our workflow management system alerts our recruiters 60 days in advance of an associates scheduled end date so that the recruiter and hiring manager can discuss whether the client desires to retain that consultant on that project, end their assignment, or hire permanently.

Off Boarding and Redeployment

At the completion of an engagement, AAI ensures that all project activities are successfully completed.  We will also conduct exit interviews with the consultant and client to assess the performance of AAI and the individual contract associate.

Ongoing Assurance Procedures

AAI monitors and evaluates the quality of our service delivery by analyzing specific metrics agreed upon in advance by AAI and its client.  This process will give both AAI and our client an accurate, unbiased assessment of performance as a supplier. The measures afford an opportunity to understand and assess how well a recruiting process performs against your expectations.Typical metrics may include:

  • Response time
  • Quality of contractor submittals
  • Job order fill ratio
  • Contract turnover
  • MWBE vendor utilization
  • Rate exceptions outside of agreed upon rates
  • Invoice accuracy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Adherence to program model policies and procedures

Metrics designed to measure the program deliverables can be maintained monthly and reported quarterly by AAI.  We will develop a corrective action plan for those metrics that fall below the agreed upon baseline, if needed.

Associate Care Program

AAI consistently has a low turnover and high retention rate among our associate population thanks in large part to our associate recognition and incentive plans. This program has been designed to help minimize attrition as well as reward performance.

Commitment to Diversity

The AAI Supplier Diversity Subcontracting Plan ensures effective utilization of small, Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SVDBE) suppliers.  Currently, AAI is working with more than 25 certified diversity suppliers.