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By Pat McNamara

When someone mentions the tech industry, you probably conjure up images of 20-something professionals dress in hoodies and jeans, carrying their laptops around the campus on one of Silicon Valley’s prominent company campuses. But do you ever think up images of Boston? We are the home of MIT and Harvard after all – home to many of the greatest budding technical minds in the world! Not only is that true, but tech companies have been expanding to include Boston area bases, and the city seen a huge growth in tech start ups. These factors make Boston an ideal city to live in for anyone seeking a career in tech!

What Tech Companies Can I Find in Boston?

Great question! And the answer is – a lot! Beta Boston recently put together a list of 15 Boston consumer Internet and Software companies with over 50 employees, and strong momentum including such well known companies as TripAdvisor and The list actually is excluding other big name companies like Kayak and Sonos, which do actually have Boston based offices, however their main headquarters are located elsewhere. Other big name tech companies that are either based in, or at least have a presence in Boston include: Wayfair, Google, Oracle, Twitter, Constant Contact, and more!

It’s a Great Town for Start-Ups

From 2011-2014 $4.86 billion has been invested in 722 tech start-ups in Massachusetts. With some of the greatest universities in the country located throughout the city, individuals with brilliant and unique ideas for start-ups are everywhere! Those universities also provide a fantastic talent pool for new start-ups to hire from. Since Boston is known as a college town, it’s a wonderful place to live and work for young professionals. Additionally, Boston is generally very accessible, and it’s easy to connect with the many small towns and cities throughout the Boston area. This is advantageous for new businesses looking to network and grow, as well as for their employees seeking a good work/life balance.

Boston is the Place to be for Women in Tech!

There may be a huge gender gap in the tech industry, but leading professionals in the Boston tech scene are working to correct that! In June of 2014 over 140 of the state’s top CEOs and business leaders gathered at MIT to attend “Clearing the Path,” an event focused on closing the gender wage gap and increasing the number of women on boards of directors. There is of course a ways to go in closing the gap, but techies in Boston are working on it. Of the top 100 Women led businesses in Massachusetts ranked by the Boston Globe in 2015, at least 11 are tech companies., Blowfish and Constant Contact all have female CEO’s, and Massachusetts saw a 21.5% growth rate among women in tech across the state from 2009-2013.

Atlantic Associates, Inc is Your Connection to Tech Companies in Boston

Whether you’re new to the area, thinking about moving, or a seasoned local, Atlantic Associates, Inc. can help you get ahead in the Boston tech industry. Take a look at our current job postings, or contact us today to learn more about how one of our professional staffing specialists can help you find your ideal job!


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