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By Pat McNamara

As if moving alone weren’t stressful enough – sorting through your whole life, and packing up all your belongings; saying goodbye to close family and friends; traveling to a new location and having to start all over. When you don’t move for a job, you also have the added task of finding a job in your new location. Having few or even no contacts in your new city and being unfamiliar with the geography and culture of your new community makes successfully finding employment are far greater challenge than it otherwise would be. Getting a job is hard to begin with, but knowing the right people, or feeling confident about your landscape and professional environment always helps. Not having those advantages can make the job search and exceptional struggle.

Many might think moving without a job already lined up would be a disastrous decision. However, some experts say it’s the best way to find your dream job. There are of course many drawbacks – moving is expensive, and not having a job lined up is very risky. But being able to meet potential employers face to face is often an essential element to beat out the competition.


Know the Culture

First things first, get familiar with your surroundings. Different cities have different professional cultures, and making sure you fit in with that culture can make all the difference. Some communities are more traditional, and expect professionals to dress the part in a conservative suit, where as other communities and industries are more laid back, and would be put off by such a wardrobe.


Start Networking

Next, make some connections. Join networking groups by searching on websites like LinkedIn or A general online search can help you find more localized and specific networking groups in your community. Getting out there and meeting other individuals in your industry will help you not only to make new friends, but also hear about insider opportunities and connect with potential internal references from within the companies you most want to work for.


Contact and Employment Agency

Most importantly, contact an employment agency. Temporary positions, contract jobs, and even full time staffing opportunities are available through staffing agencies. When you’re first getting settled into a new city or town, employment agencies can be your fastest and most efficient solution for getting a foot in the door. Employment agencies already have the contacts and connections that you may be lacking in your new city. They have access to limitless job opportunities, and will do the hard work of searching and contacting employers for you. A temporary or contract position might not sound ideal, but these types of positions offer the opportunity to get to know a potential employer from the inside. Often such positions can turn into fulltime, long-term careers, because they give you the opportunity to show your skills in action, and gain the trust and confidence of your employers.


Atlantic Associates, Inc. is ready to help you find your dream job after you move. Let us take some of the stress off of you while you adjust to your new surroundings. We can connect you with the companies you dream of working for while you settle in to your new home and surroundings. Contact AAI today to learn more about the job opportunities that may be available for you!



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