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By Pat McNamara


It’s hard to deny the appeal of working in tech. With high paying salaries, frequent exciting advancements occurring the field, and the possibility to work with a variety of industries all across the globe, there are few other employment prospects that compare. In fact, when Glassdoor published a list of the highest paying jobs in demand, tech related positions dominated the list! Not only that, but reports “tech jobs are projected to grow 22% by 2022 due to large demand for computer software.” Companies have so many needs when it comes to tech that there are opportunities available for just about anyone with the right skills. So what are the top opportunities available?


Here are the 3 most exciting tech jobs available in 2015:

1) Software Developer

Software Developers are the brains behind most of the tech we use day to day. Everything from video games, to operating systems, to apps on your phone came out of the minds of Software Developer. These fast thinking problem solvers need to have a good grasp of programming languages like C++ and Java, and be able to communicate effectively with the rest of their team.


2) Web Developer

If you read our blog this past June, you should already be familiar with the integral part Web Developers play in modern business. Some of the key skills employers look for in a Web Developer include experience with coding languages, and an understanding of server/client side architecture. Since a website is the face of the company, it is crucial for Web Developers to have a good sense of aesthetics as well as the ability to make practical and efficient website layouts.


3) IT Manager

When it comes to IT Managers it’s hard to say which is more important – hard technical skills or superior organizational and management skills? The truth is both are equally valuable in these positions. IT Managers need to be able to understand the projects they are supervising, as well as be able to coordinate teams, negotiate with vendors, and act as a liaison between their department and top Executives. These types of positions are expected to see a growth of “15.3 percent and an estimated 50,900 new positions to be filled between 2012 and 2022.”


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