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By Pat McNamara

It takes a combination of technical and interpersonal skills to make a successful IT employee, and even more skills to build a successful IT team. IT teams play an integral role in any modern business. To make sure yours is functioning optimally, here are 3 tips for creating a great IT team!

Strong Leaders Make Strong Teams

Great teams almost always have great leaders. Even the Avengers needed Agent Colson to wrangle them together and keep them in line from time to time. A good team leader does a lot more than manage tasks and organize projects. Team leaders are also responsible for motivating team members, supporting group morale, and offering effective feedback in order to nurture their team member’s skills.

Part-time project managers can also be great assets to an IT team. “Line managers and others that corporate IT teams do their work for are now more willing to take an active role in managing technology projects. This means the IT team can sometimes afford to scale back the level of expertise it provides by focusing IT project manager time on high risk/high value projects, allowing part-time project managers in business functions or other areas of IT to oversee smaller or lower risk projects.”

Prioritize to Avoid Burnout

Over 60% of infrastructure managers say they worry their teams won’t be able to sustain consistent levels of responsiveness if demand for their services continues to increase.” Making sure you have enough staff available, and that you are prioritizing services efficiently will help to avoid burn out and keep things functioning smoothly. It may be wise to assess the value of your IT services, and use that information to reassess what projects to devote the most time and energy towards. Providing a targeted, demand sensitive approach will make customers happier, and keep your staff from experiencing expedited burn out rates.

Create the Right Roles and Hire the Best Staff

As the IT field continues to evolve, new roles are developing that may be crucial to the success of your IT department. CEB suggests there are 7 new roles that every IT department needs: cyber hunters, part-time project managers, task-specialized business analysts, vendor management catalysts, data and analytics ambassadors, cloud architects, and IT chief of staff.

When filling these roles be certain to find candidates who not only offer the required technical skills, but also have strong communication, time management, and teamwork skills. These interpersonal skills will make all the difference when it comes to ensuring your IT department is efficient and productive.

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