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By Pat McNamara

Did you know it was possible for the Internet to run out of room? Turns out, it’s not only possible, but we’ve been running out of space for years. For the past 30 years we’ve been using the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), which makes up the Internet addresses used to connect devices across the globe. Unfortunately, there’s one small flaw with IPv4 – since every IP address is only 32 bits long, it is limited to approximately 4.3 billion unique addresses. With the recent boom of mobile devices, the Internet of Things, wearable devices, in addition to more traditional uses of the Internet, those 4.3 billion addresses are quickly being depleted. In fact, as of 2014 the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America regions had already run out of IPv4 addresses to be distributed. Experts predict the North American region is likely to exhaust its supply within the year, possibly in mere weeks or months from now! There’s no need to panic, but it is probably time for your organization to start considering the transition to IPv6 – the new version of Internet addresses deployed in 2012 which offers seemingly infinite supply of IP addresses available

What is IPv6 and how will it Benefit Your Organization

Although experts have been urging organizations to make the switch to IPv6 since its launch in 2012, the transition has been a very slow process. However, in the past year or so, many major companies have started to deploy IPv6 including Google, Facebook, and Cisco. Now is the time to start considering converting your company to the new platform, before you fall behind! IPv6 offers a number of benefits beyond the ability to expand your network after the limited number of IPv4 addresses run out. According to Cisco, IPv6 will result in:

  • Faster Performance – More efficient routing, better multicasting, and faster VPN transactions.
  • Stronger Security – Featuring mandatory IP Security (IPsec) in IPv6 devices
  • Improved Support for Mobile Devices – Including better video streaming & VoiP.

Don’t delay!

ARIN, the organization responsible for distributing IP addresses to the North American region, says companies should not wait to begin deploying IPv6. According to John Curran, President and CEO of ARIN, the public Internet is moving to IPv6 with or without you. This means that your public servers are going to be reached by devices using the IPv6 protocol. In order to offer the best experience for customers and employees accessing those servers, it is crucial you be on IPv6. Additionally, the longer you wait to make the transition, the more experience your competitors will already have with this new technology. While you’re playing IT catch up, your competitors will be offering faster performance and better websites to woo your customer base.

Having the Right IT Staff to Make the Change

Atlantic Associates, Inc. can help your organization find the right talent to assist your company through the move to IPv6. With over 17 years of experience, we are experts in IT staffing solutions. At AAI, experienced IT professionals are available and ready to meet your business’ needs! Get in touch with us today!


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