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by Pat McNamara

There were reportedly 7 billion mobile subscribers worldwide in 2014, making it absolutely crucial for companies to provide mobile based solutions for individuals using their products. In the workplace, “bring your own device” (BYOD) and enterprise mobility is becoming the norm, with staffers all over the world choosing to us their personal devices rather than office equipment, and often even work remotely. Due to this, legacy applications, meaning applications that are created for desktop computers with a mouse and keyboard, are becoming outdated. Some experts in the field go so far as to suggest they stop being created all together. While it is possible to update legacy apps to be used on mobile platforms, it may not always be the best solution.

Transitioning from Legacy to Mobile

Since legacy applications are created to be used on desktop computers, they often cannot be easily converted to mobile platforms. Images and tools aren’t always sized or placed correctly, and functionality can be lost in translation. However, there are options available for upgrading your company’s legacy apps. Refactoring is “the process of improving software coding and design without changing its intended functions.” A number of refactoring vendors currently exist that can work with legacy apps to make them go mobile including Capriza, and PowWow. The companies each specialize in different areas, with tools available for all kinds of apps.

Still, mobilizing legacy apps can be time consuming and expensive. Companies typically are not interested in dedicating people, time, and money to updating legacy apps, which can take months or even years to complete. Often times, discarding the old technology and creating something new can be a more efficient and cost effective solution. Newly designed mobile apps have an advantage in that they are often created with built in collaborative and social capabilities, and don’t require as much adaptation as older legacy apps. Additionally, legacy apps can be far more costly to maintain. As with any outdated technology, the tools and resources needs for maintenance eventually become scarce, expensive, and hard to find. As a younger generation of tech whizzes enter the industry with only mobile app experience, and those familiar with legacy apps begin to retire, maintaining the old applications will become an increasing challenge.

Hiring the right IT staff with AAI

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