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by Ayanna Moore

Cherry blossoms, harbors, beltways and The White House. These are the things that come to mind when most people think of Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia; also known as The Mid-Atlantic region. It is the home to our nation’s politics, history and national monuments. Where tourists swarm in hopes of a Presidential sighting, and where parents proudly bring their children to begin collegiate careers at the region’s plethora of esteemed universities. The unique culture and vast diversity of this area, known to locals as “the DMV,” makes it a prime location for professionals to find work.

There are a multitude of advantages to working in the Mid-Atlantic region. Foremost, the region has the largest number of Federal Agencies, offering highly sought after and prestigious Federal Government jobs and Federal Contract positions. This is unique to the region due to the sheer quantity of opportunities available, in addition to having direct access to major government and politic players living and working all around the community.

Furthermore, some of the best colleges and universities in the world are located within DC, Maryland and Virginia. For recent graduates, there’s no need to start an extensive country wide job search. Federal agencies and major companies are aware of the impressive talent pool in their own backyard, and are likely to keep their search local when recruiting new hires.

Additionally, with such close proximity between communities, job seekers are not limited to seeking opportunities within the state they reside in. Most Washingtonians, Marylanders and Virginians work interstate, and the commutes are still very manageable. The Mid-Atlantic Region is also a great area to consider for job seekers throughout the Northeast who are looking to relocate. Most professionals throughout the Northeast find the work environments and lifestyles in this region are somewhat similar to what they are used to in their own states.

From a business perspective, the Mid-Atlantic region sits in the political and financial hub of this country; with Philadelphia, NYC-CT and Boston just a quick flight away from the DMV. This makes it possible for professionals to fly to NY or Boston in the morning, conduct business, and get back home in time for dinner.

Another advantage to working in the Mid-Atlantic region is simply having access to cultural, political, and recreational activities during one’s off-time. Individuals living in this area can tour the Capitol Building, visit one of the Smithsonian Museums and see a show at the Kennedy Center all in one day. Alternatively, one might walk along the seaside in Baltimore or Annapolis, eat famous Maryland crab cakes, or go shopping near the Pentagon in Virginia. And who knows…if you happen to be strolling along Pennsylvania Avenue NW, maybe you will catch a glimpse of the President yourself!

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