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We are currently in the midst of a big data explosion with enormous volumes of information being generated daily from many different sources. Corporate data almost doubles each year and it can be complicated for organizations to figure out how to store, manage and analyze big data in order to make more informed business decisions. We will discuss some common big data challenges that many organizations face and how you can overcome these challenges to gain valuable insight from your big data.

The first major challenge that organizations face is how to integrate all the data they are collecting. In the past it was enough for companies to use Business Intelligence (BI) tools to run analytics on structured data from ERP, CRM, and other databases. Today, data is collected from many more sources, such as, e-mail, blogs, social media, customer surveys, data from partners, along with corporate documents and legacy applications. Much of this data is unstructured, which means it is not stored in traditional row-column databases. Analyzing unstructured data can be costly and cumbersome. New technologies, including analytics and reporting tools make it possible to streamline and simplify big data and make it easier for your company to use big data to their advantage.

Another challenge companies are facing is the need for real-time analytics and the performance demands that go along with delivering them. To survive as a business today your decision makers must have data available to them in real-time so they can use this valuable information to make decisions on the fly. Big data must be processed quickly so that important decisions can be made in a timely manner. Mobility adds another layer of complexity as these analytics must be available from the decision makers’ mobile devices. Big data solutions with text analytics, visual analytics and high capacity processing power will provide valuable insights that will turn into value for your company.

Companies will need to make an initial investment in a big data solution and they are often challenged with keeping their big data costs down. It is important to choose the correct big data solution for your company by understanding your data and how you are going to be using and accessing your analytics. The value and cost savings that your company will incur by having access to insights from your big data can be great. Trust that any investments you make in a big data solution will turn to value for your company.

Companies are also constantly facing the challenge of employing the right people with the expertise to get the most insight out of your big data. When looking for someone to take control of big data in your organization, ensure that this person’s expertise includes a deep understanding of where the data comes from, who will be consuming the data and how the information will be used. Atlantic Associates, Inc. (AAI) is the perfect partner to help you find the staff to plan, deploy and manage your big data solutions. Our candidates have the expertise to help you turn big data into real insights that can empower you to make better business decisions. Contact AAI today and we’ll help you succeed in the world of big data.

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