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By Shilpy Lee

Research shows that hiring managers know within 5 minutes of meeting a candidate whether they will extend a job offer.  That fact is truer now more than ever. Your resume gets your foot in the door, but it is often soft skills that will really sell you above your competition. From the minute you arrive to your interview, hiring managers are noting everything from your greeting, handshake, and eye contact to the way you are dressed, timeliness, and presence.

Nonverbal indicators are important to determine whether you are a good cultural fit within an organization. Employability skills go beyond the hard IT experience, as personal values are the critical tools needed to succeed in today’s workplace. To ensure that all your nonverbal behaviors make a great impression on your interviewer, consider holding a mock interview with a friend, family member or counselor and ask them to focus entirely on your nonverbal behaviors. You will then be more prepared in your upcoming interview to make a strong first impression by showcasing your reliability, professionalism and positive attitude.

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