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Project Managers (PMs) are required in almost every type of industry. In the technology industry, they are vital to an organization’s IT strategy and are usually guided by the CIO. A PM’s goal is to ensure that a project is completed in a timely manner. What does it take to become a successful Project Manager? What are the skills you need to know? Read on to find out.

Great communication and personal skills. As a Project Manager, you will communicate with people of all levels. The PM must clearly communicate goals, responsibilities, and performance expectations. You must also effectively resolve problems, organize meetings, accept feedback and communicate the background of the project to any audience.

Team Building Skills. In the role of project manager, you need to understand each individual on your team and how to utilize each to their full potential to better the team as a whole. The PM is responsible for keeping the team on track while keeping morale high. The best project leaders can make a group of individuals into a unit working as one towards a common goal.

Management and leadership skills. You will manage a group of people who will look to you for direction. It is important that you aren’t afraid of delegating tasks when needed. You must motivate your team to strive for great results, while providing the support to help them gain those outcomes.

Technical Skills. When working as a Project Manager in the technology industry, it is helpful to have a solid understanding of technology such as, platforms, computer languages, software, and networks. Proficient technical skills allow you to understand any issue that may come up and how to solve it. They also grant you more authority and strategic insight.

Problem solving skills. It is inevitable that any project will encounter bumps in the road, but it is up to the project manager to patch them up. You must know how to find resolutions to solve specific problems by evaluating and collaborating with your team members. Great project managers will be able to create a path towards a solution and navigate the team to success.

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