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By Tom McGrory

As a hiring manager, when you have an open job to fill, is your first instinct to call your recruiter? If your answer isn’t yes, you are missing out on a valuable partner that will help you find top candidates who will become integral players in your organization. Recruiters have valuable insight into both sides of the employment equation; including, a deeper understanding of what employers are looking for and a more complete perspective of the candidate applying for the position. We have the valuable skills and know how needed to find a great match.

Sometimes things go awry when managers are under the impression that a job description and salary are enough for any competent recruiter to find the perfect candidate. While this might be true if you have worked with the recruiter before and have already gone through the introductory process, but usually more information is needed. For a recruiter to do a good job filling your open positions, it is important to have both a holistic view of your company and the specifics of the open job positions. You wouldn’t go to a car dealership and say, “I want something green, it must have four wheels, cost 10-30k and a nice to have would be bulletproof glass.” Recruiters simply need to know more about your company and the open positions to succeed in filling positions with the right candidates. It doesn’t take long to inform your recruiter with the needed background information and in turn you will end up with better quality candidates applying for your open positions.

Recruiters have a better perspective of the candidates because they are in the trenches every day, attending meet-ups and tech conferences. Candidates often share with us the reasons they did or did not take an offer from a company and you would be surprised as to what some of the candidates say. (Hint—it isn’t always just about the money.) We also know what your competitors are paying for the same talent. A good recruiter needs to be assertive and persistent in order to get the job done. We are highly motivated to find the right candidate for your position as quickly as possible because we don’t get paid unless our candidate is hired.

If you are a hiring manager and don’t currently use a recruiter, I suggest trying it. When you are choosing a firm, choose one like Atlantic Associates with recruiters who have the technical knowledge to understand the skills you are looking for and recognize competence in these skills in potential job candidates. You wouldn’t want your recruiter to think Java only means coffee or that Struts are a part of a car. I, along with my peers here at Atlantic Associates, will be a backstage pass to your job candidates. They often share things with us that they can’t or won’t tell you and we use this information to help you join forces to build an award winning team. With the demand for great engineers and technology experts higher than it has ever been, now is the time to secure a few good recruiters and arm us with the tools to find your next superstar! Contact Atlantic Associates today to get started.

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