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Technology has rapidly advanced in the past few years alone and there have been major changes in the IT health field. In the past, doctors recorded hand-written notes during every patient appointment with a pen and paper. Today, medical professionals are utilizing handheld technology like iPads and Tablets to record and store patient information. The process has evolved from papers, files, and charts in a manila folder, to digital, intangible information stored away in the cloud. This new method is called an electronic health record (EHR).

One of the key benefits to EHR is the fact that life-saving information can be immediately viewed anytime, anywhere in case of an emergency. The doctor no longer needs to rush back to his office to grab the files of paper, and instead, he can look to his mobile or laptop when needed. As you may have imagined, the switch to EHR is not an easy or immediate task. Entering years of hand-written data into a digital platform takes a lengthy amount of time. For example, one Boston hospital completed their journey of EHR for all 397 beds after several years of preparation and implementation.

Are you curious to learn what types of jobs EHR has created? In IT, EHR has fueled a growing career specialty. Many businesses and networking sites are requiring that job applicants have proficient skills in Epic security. Not only are businesses in IT health looking for applicants to work with these skills, but also to train, consult, and analyze Epic’s data. This program is essential to avoid healthcare fraud and keep patients’ safe. Picture yourself securing thousands of private health records filled with extremely personal information. Employers are also looking for applicants who specialize in cloud, workflow, and training. If project manager is more of your choice, there are opportunities for implementing the EHR system, making sure coding is up to par, and testing the system before going live.

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