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As we head deeper into October, thoughts of the new year and what trends to expect in 2015 come to mind. Are you anticipating any particular technological trends? Gartner claims the “Computing Everywhere” world will soon unravel in the next years to come. From cloud computing, big data, wearables, self-protecting security, 3D printing, to smart machines, we’re bound to see large-scale technological advances throughout 2015.

We’re heavily anticipating the Internet of Things (IoT), as that’s been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. Imagine the interconnectivity of every device, wearable networks and special sensors for detection of potential threats and breaches. From a business standpoint, these sensors will provide a lot of value. Any system failures will be stopped before they even begin. Businesses will then be able to both save money and save face while preventing potential problems at the get-go.

As we get more and more connected, our data will grow, as will application downtime and network traffic. Organizations will begin to consider best practices and strategies for such a largely connected system. More data means more analysis, and learning how to leverage those analytics is key. Networks will need to adjust to meet the growing demands of all users. In addition, Wi-Fi standards will change in order to handle the mass of devices online at all times. Data center traffic will exceed exponential numbers and the need for traffic management will grow. In turn, opening up more jobs in the technical industry.

We’re also eager for the expansion of green technology. Green engineering, green products, and green energy sources are on the rise. As green tech reaches widespread availability and affordability, more companies will jump aboard the green movement. If you’re interested in green tech, this is going to be a big year for you! We expect multitudes of job opportunities within this field.

What technological trend are you looking forward to the most? Are you following a particular trend in hopes of earning a new job? If this is the case, follow along on Twitter and regularly check our job opportunities page for new postings.

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