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Tips to breaking into a new career without starting over

Are you a seasoned professional who has decided to switch career tracks and found that the only callbacks you receive for that new industry are for entry-level positions? How do you break into a new career without starting over? First and foremost, be sure to thoroughly research your new field of interest including required skills, salaries, companies hiring within that industry, preferred or required degrees or certifications, etc. You should fully prepare yourself for this new endeavor and be armed with all the information necessary to make the transition into a new career. Second, reach out to professionals within that field who you already know or who are within your network to enlist their advice. Next it’s imperative to garner an understanding of what transferrable skills you currently have that would convey to the reader of your resume that you already obtain many of the talents and abilities necessary for your desired role. Then construct your resume to highlight those skills and talents. You may consider composing a skills-based resume in lieu of a chronological resume (or a hybrid of the two). A skills-based resume can assist you with emphasizing the transferrable skills needed for the new field of interest and can show areas of your work history where those skills were used. Remember that a cover letter or email is always helpful when expressing that you desire to transition into a new field.

As you embark on a new career choice remember to have patience and perseverance. There was a time when you were a newbie at the beginning of your professional life, and you made it this far. So know that you can do it again, and this time you have more knowledge, wisdom and exposure. Good luck!

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