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By Ayanna Moore

Are you working as a contract employee and considering applying for a permanent position within the company your working at? Has the manager at your workplace offered to hire you into your current position? These are common situations we hear about from our clients all the time. Learn why it’s important to approach your recruiter about your upcoming career decisions.

The first thing to remember is that a recruiter is your advocate and liaison. A recruiter is there to be your voice, advisor and job search subject matter expert. Additionally, he or she should be your first line of communication between you and your employer. Even before you officially make the decision to apply for a permanent position, you should reach out to a recruiter to discuss this with them. Your recruiter may have some advice about the employment process that you had not yet taken into account. They can help you evaluate the offer and make experiences like negotiating salary or benefits less stressful.

Even if you feel that you can navigate through the process on your own, at the very least, always be sure to give your recruiter a heads-up about the plan you are considering. Remember: your recruiter is one of your biggest cheerleaders and will do everything in his or her power to assist you, even if just to offer words of encouragement. If you’d like help with getting your next job or would just need some guidance through navigating through your career, contact one of our AAI recruiters today.

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