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By Patrick McNamara

Have you ever worried about entering your personal information, creating usernames and passwords, or managing your bank account online? We all have. To keep those worries at bay, there are now many different systems of technological security. Along with these different security concerns and precautions comes a whole new choice for a career path.

In today’s world, security has a wide range of meanings. Years and years prior, no one ever would have dreamed about technological security. These days, most people no longer think twice before entering all of their personal information to make a purchase, sharing their credit card number over the phone, swiping their credit card at the grocery store or storing important information to the cloud. Many businesses now have ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) in which employees use their mobile, iPad, tablet, and personal laptops at work. BYOD comes with concerns that professional work information is collected and stored within personal devices. The fear is that company passwords, accounts, strategies and plans may get leaked to the public or placed in the hands of a hacker.

With security systems in place, there is much less concern. Companies focus many of their efforts on technological security. How do they keep their accounts and passwords safe? How do they ensure their customers’ transactions are secure? Do they have a back up plan in case the worst of the worst happens? The importance of technical security systems is unfathomable. We must rely on these systems to protect our personal and professional information, credit cards, and banking information. Today, security is a hot topic in the technology industry – which in turn makes it a ‘hot job’ in the industry as well.

Most companies, large and small, need to have some form of technological security. If you’re interested in breaking into a new and thriving field, we highly recommend looking into information security. The job tasks may range from database management, securing file transfers, managing website access and firewalls, facilitating electronic data interchanges, to data leakage prevention. If you think this may be a job for you, check out our job opportunities and search with keyword: security.

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