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Have you ever wondered why you are not getting any responses to your resume? Are you constantly applying to opportunities and being rejected or receiving no response?

In today’s market, your resume is your first impression to a prospective employer, and as a recruiter I find a lot of resumes with errors and very confusing technical jargon. When you present your resume to be reviewed online you should be sure to make sure a layperson could understand it. A lot of companies employ individuals to screen resumes based on keywords before they forward them to hiring managers for consideration. If you have one resume to represent your myriad of skills you are limiting yourself. You should have several resumes that target specific skills you possess. It is also a good idea to have someone review your resume for you to ensure that you have not missed any grammatical or formatting errors.

If you are looking to set yourself apart when applying for opportunities, you should tailor your resume to highlight the required skills at the employers where you utilized them. Most people put this in the summary section of their resume, but managers are interested in the amount of experience you have with their desired skills.
Jazz Noble – Technical Recruiter

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