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Boston on the Global Stage

It’s hard to pinpoint what makes Boston such a special city. There isn’t one single element that unites its over 636,000 residence and 23 neighborhoods.  Boston encompasses a web of intellectual visionaries, hard-working traditional wage earners, culture, and diversity.


Over the last century, the city has boomed transforming traditional neighborhood boundaries, giving innovation an East Coast home, and creating some of the world’s best hospitals such as Massachusetts General, Children’s Hospital, Boston Medical Center, and Brigham and Women’s. The Great Boston Community has certainly earned its place on the global stage with a GDP rivaling many countries. Boston has not lost its anchor position in our country’s history. The cityscape is littered with important landmarks from our founding fathers. What surprises many is with all these global connections, Boston can still feel like a small hometown. Stop into any local coffee shop or bar and you will likely run into someone you know. Boston is a city draws you into its soul.


Boston United

If there is a single uniting thread it is likely the city’s love of sports. Boston sports fans are unlike any others. There is an almost personal attachment that Bostonians have with their teams. Win or lose – Boston fans are notoriously ruthless for their love of the game. It doesn’t matter what side of Mass Ave you call home – the Bruins, Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox are the favorite teams.


I, like many Bostonians, find it unfathomable that our great city would be attacked with innocent civilians at the Boston Marathon being targeted. The Boston Marathon is arguably the pinnacle of sporting events in the city. It is the oldest marathon in the world and one held every Patriots’ Day for the last 118 years. The city closes for the day as more than 500,000 spectators flood the streets to cheer on the over 20,000 runners. And as with any Boston sporting event, it brings together the disparate communities within the city’s borders.


Reflecting on the Past

On Patriot’s Day in the aftermath of the bombings, Bostonians responded with bravery, generosity, and resilience. Hundreds raced into epicenter to help those hurt. In that moment, the heroes of the day did what comes natural to any Bostonian – they reached out to protect their fellow patriots. Emergency responders worked tirelessly. Residents opened their homes to those unable to leave.


In the year since the attack, our city has grown and strengthened in ways both visible and unexpected. The world has showered us with messages of support and encouragement. Bostonians themselves have looked for ways to embrace their community and rallied behind the message aptly created in the Emerson College dorm room – Boston Strong. In the face of violence and attempted oppression, Boston has shown that we are not a city that can be held down. We will support each other with reassurance, world-class medical treatment, and by coming together as one. This year’s marathon event is expected to break all the records with the number of runners and attendees. It is this positive forward momentum in the face of tragedy that unites our city and embodies the spirit of our Bostonian heritage.


Honoring the Heroes

There are countless stories of heroism that emerged from the marathon bombing devastation. Like most Bostonians, the images from that day are engraved in my memory.  Nearly everyone in Boston has some connection to events. We are stronger today because of the way this great city came together to overcome.


Atlantic Associates is proud of its deep connection to the Greater Boston Community and its partnership with the Boston Police force. We remain committed to honoring all those that support our community and work fearlessly to make our city even greater.


To us, Boston represents so much of what makes this country great. The events from that day in 2013 will shape our future, we are Boston Strong.


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