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I was very fortunate to be able to attend HIMSS in Orlando last week with my boss and 37 thousand other health care and IT professionals.  It was a wonderful event with so many exceptional speakers; educational sessions and 6 exhibit halls that were packed with enthusiastic, innovative and talented people and companies.

During our 3 + days at HIMSS, we met with more people than we do in a month while we are stuck in the office.  We were able to take out some current clients who were more relaxed being out of the daily grind of the office, and we met many new folks who just might become future clients after meeting us and learning more about our company.

HIMSS was a good example of networking at its best!  In this time of social media and technology, it seems that the art of conversation might be losing the battle.  These days it seems that we all get lost in email, texting, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the likes, that we don’t make time to meet people in person.  No matter how many forms of communication we have, the bottom line is that there is no better mode than the handshake and meeting someone face to face.  This is by far the best way to get to know another human being.   Just as we talk about sitting down for dinner at night with your family to catch up and preserve the art of conversation, it really holds true for business as well.

I am sure that we do not want to find ourselves living in a world with no human contact.  Can you imagine each of us working alone and having all of our interactions is through some form of technology?  While I find the variety of options we have to communicate these days both amazing and entertaining,

I myself truly enjoy meeting people and getting to know them in person.  I want to learn about their work, their families, where they go on vacation, the movies and music they enjoy… this connects us as people.  I am proud to be a member of HIMMS National and our local chapter, NEHIMSS, for all of the wonderful work they do and for hosting and sponsoring the events that give us all the opportunity to network and connect with one another.


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