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I recently read an article about the importance of providing notice when you leave your employer. The funny thing is a lot of consultants do not feel the need to provide notice to their agencies when they move on to their next project before their commitment is complete. What many do not realize or consider is that it is not just the agency that is left without a consultant, but it also affects the client they were supporting.

When a consultant leaves with no notice, it has many ramifications. These could include the loss of a major contract for the end-client because they did not meet their deadline; work being duplicated because no one knew what tasks you had in process or completed, and your reputation being tarnished with your recruiter and former client supervisor.

By providing a two-week notice to your agency, you allow them the ability to notify the client, search for an adequate replacement, if needed, and allow time for your replacement to train with you.  This also gives you an opportunity to provide your team with updates and statuses on the tasks for which you were responsible.

These are a few reasons why, even as a consultant, you should provide notice to your agency, and this level of professionalism will set you apart from the herd.


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