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Open Your Mind

 By J DUNHAM, Account Manager

As a relative newcomer to the world of staffing I’ve strived to be a valued partner to the hiring managers I count as my clients, and as such, I’ve tried to dig into the study of hiring. The “thought leaders” I’ve found on places like LinkedIn have been essential to my approach and have opened my eyes on how to attract “A” players in a sea of scarcity. Lou Adler, a long tenured staffing trainer and consultant to companies seeking to implement performance based hiring, has been a great resource as I have learned to play the game of getting people hired.

In his books, Lou talks about changing the focus of the conversation from “day 1” to “day 365” as too many candidates are narrowly focused and strictly ask short range questions to gauge their interest or fit for a position such as: how much does it pay? where is the job? and what’s the title?

What’s missing from this approach is the common-sense idea for candidates to pursue opportunities that represent worthy career moves with companies that will allow them to make progress commensurate with their long term goals. All too often short term data is overvalued when long term decisions need to be made.

It’s important for candidates to ask questions during the recruiting process to determine if the presented position represents a worthy opportunity and to explore roles with companies that are doing interesting or innovative work. Keep an open mind. The filter for continuing the conversation with a recruiter should include things that drive job satisfaction such as the challenges to be faced in the role and the potential for development. A question I often ask candidates is: money aside ~ where do you want to work where you can grow?



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