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It is a very exciting time to be working in Information Technology!! This decade will continue to offer unprecedented opportunities to thousands of technologists. From Boston to Silicon Valley domestically, Budapest to Singapore internationally, there is a significant shortage of IT talent.  There are many drivers that are creating th perfect storm.  There is a shortage of students graduating with Computer Science and Engineering degrees.  Baby Boomers are retiring due to companies offering early retirement plans. Companies are increasing their IT budgets and opening up the purse strings to address their outdated antiquated infrastructure. There continues to be an explosion in new internet technologies, i.e. cloud computing is becoming the predominant way companies are hosting their applications, big data is redefining how companies utilize their customer information and creating new markets, Cyber Security continues to keep CIO’s up at night, and storage demand is at an all-time high. Also, the increased industry regulations in Healthcare and Financial Services have driven the demand for IT professionals due to compliance reform.

Are we doing everything we can to attract and retain core IT talent?  These are the questions that are on the forefront of the “C” suite minds … if they aren’t, they should be.   Companies need to be proactive and aggressive when resourcing for IT talent.  It’s critical to work with your IT staffing partner and position your organization ahead of your competition.  Your staffing partner is built to streamline your recruiting process and deliver qualified candidates.  Don’t lose in the tug of war on talent and get dragged into the mud by your competition!!

by Pat McNamara

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