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By Laura Sweeney

 Today someone told me “I don’t like meeting with agencies, because I feel like they waste my time”. If only I got a penny for every time I’ve heard that one.

“I don’t like agencies” is a common phrase recruiters often hear. Unfortunately, there are people out there in this day and age that still think this way: We recruiters are in the business of headhunting, collecting resumes for no apparent reason, and sending them out into a black hole….

Not so fast!

Back in 2009 when the economy collapsed and half of the country was out of work collecting unemployment, I was one of them.  That was the first time since I graduated from college back in 1994 that I didn’t have a job.  The unemployment rate in this country was the highest in decades, and I saw myself looking for a job for that entire year.

Trying to find a job during an economy crisis is far from an easy undertaking.  More often than not, I was up against 20 other people for the same job opening.  Every time I went for an interview, I felt like Katniss from the Hunger Games, sizing up my competition, and thinking of my strategy plan.

In 2009 looking for a job WAS my full time job. I went to more interviews than I can count.  I probably visited every single job agency in Boston, and not satisfied, I even stretched my game plan to Rhode Island.  I took notes, I collected business cards, I watched my emails like a hawk and I answered my phone calls on the first ring.  I was ready and eager to get myself a job. I was going to get myself a job because I had no other option!

It became very clear early in the game that talking to the job agencies was an active part of my day. They played an important, indispensable part in my job hunt.

“Why?” You might ask.

Well, let’s look at a few facts:

Most jobs listed online come from an employment agency.  More and more companies out there are looking to fill their positions with the help of an agency.  Most Hiring Managers don’t have time to be looking for your resume on the job boards.  They like the convenience of receiving qualified, pre-screened candidates directly into their inbox.   Recruiters are great at doing exactly that for hiring managers.

When looking for a job, a recruiter can be your best alliance. Think of a recruiter (Me) as a well-connected friend. We know our clients and we know what they are looking for.

When you apply for a job on your own, when going for an interview, you probably don’t know anything about your interviewer, right? Guess what. Your recruiter does! Your recruiter will be able to let you know what to expect, give you interview tips and help you prepare for your best performance.

Recruiters will also help you maximize your resume, and keep you in mind for as many job opportunities as possible.

So, next time an employment agency calls you, you might want to take that call.

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